Grant-writing workshop: How to get the most out of the time spent and resources

A workshop on EMS grant writing is an invaluable experience for new and experiences applicants

Attend "No Money, Now What? Successful Grant Writing for EMS Agencies" presented by EMS1 columnist and grant writing expert Rachel Stemerman at EMS World Expo.

A grant-writing workshop is a great opportunity for new and experienced grant writers to have a free discussion with other professionals, exchange ideas and best practices, and see demonstrations or practice successful application methods.

Even if you’ve written dozens of grants you start anew each application. Simply attending a grant-writing workshop will expand your knowledge and improve your skills. Here are four tips to get the most of out your time.

1. Hold a discovery meeting

Before attending a grant-writing workshop, as part of the attendance approval process from your supervisor, ask your colleagues for suggestions and input on the high-priority needs of the organization. A discovery meeting could be a formal or informal needs assessment to identify problems or opportunities that you might not be aware of.

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