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Modifications to Fire Stations and Facilities Grant Applicants: Prepare for Environmental and Historic Preservation Reviews

Federal laws and regulations require that all AFG-funded projects for modifications to fire stations and other facilities undergo an Environmental and Historic Preservation (EHP) review and receive EHP clearance before any work begins and before any project funds are spent. FEMA must consider the potential impact of all projects funded on natural and cultural resources, and this is accomplished through FEMA's EHP Review process.

If you requested a modifications to facilities grant, start preparing now by gathering the information that will be needed for the EHP screening. You will be asked to provide the following for each modifications project awarded:

  • Age of the structure(s)
  • Address of the structure(s)
  • Description of how the structure will be modified, e.g., how the equipment will be installed or the renovations made
  • Clear, good quality exterior photographs of the structure(s), assuming the modification will be visible from the outside  
  • Clear, good quality interior photographs that show where equipment will be installed or where the renovations will be made
  • Technical drawings, maps, or site plans, if applicable
  • Documentation of any previous EHP-related statements or reviews

Multiple Projects
If your grant includes funding for other AFG project activities in addition to the fire station or facilities modification, like personal protective equipment or training projects, you may access those project funds immediately. To do this, send an e-mail to AFG requesting that the grant funds be released and affirming that you will not proceed with your modification project until the EHP review has been completed and approved.

Common Reasons for Delays in EHP Reviews
By planning ahead, you can avoid some of these problems that can delay the completion and approval of EHP reviews:

  • Poor or absent ground-level photographs
  • Poor or absent aerial photographs
  • Inadequate project description
  • Inadequate information on project location (no physical addresses or latitude-longitude)
  • Extent of ground disturbance

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