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Laerdal Medical Grant Assistance Request Form

To access the Laerdal Medical Grant Assistance Program on EMSGrantsHelp, please submit the below information. Once your information is submitted, you will be able to access the FREE Grant Assistance training resources available through the program. Your request will also be forwarded to the EMSGrantsHelp team and you will be contacted by a Grants Assistance Manager within 72 hours.
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By filling out this form and submitting my information, I understand that I may be contacted by a manufacturer regarding my department’s equipment needs. I also understand that this is a request for help locating funding and not a grant application.
Note on Procurement Integrity
EMSGrantsHelp is compliant with federal standards and guidance for working with departments seeking grant dollars. All assistance offered is by category and non-product specific. EMSGrantsHelp does not benefit from, participate in or otherwise influence the procurement process for grant awards. All assistance is product and vendor neutral to avoid any real or apparent conflict of interest. Departments seeking federal grant dollars are responsible for maintaining a conflict of interest policy in compliance with federal guidelines the standards identified in 2 C.F.R. Part 200, including maintaining adequate supporting documentation.