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Introducing the NO SMOKE from Ward Diesel


Are you tired of breathing diesel exhaust?
Take a moment to consider NO SMOKE: a self-contained, fully automatic, diesel exhaust filtering system designed to trap potentially hazardous pollutants before you take a single breath. Ward Diesel Filter System’s patented NO SMOKE system exceeds all established permissible exposure limits as stated by NIOSH/OSHA and can be easily retrofitted to your apparatus within 48 hours.

 • Fully Automatic
• Easy maintenance
• Fail-safe operation
• Simple and Convenient
• Self-contained
• Transferable
No hoses
No building renovations
No outside ventilation or ducts
No accessory equipment
No manual connection

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Installation of NO SMOKE requires NO loss of compartment space!

Photos of Actual NO SMOKE Installation


Introducing the NO SMOKE 2 for 2007 Model Engines and beyond
What’s new on 2007 model engines?

Due to environmental mandates by the EPA, your new 2007 truck is equipped with an exhaust After-Treatment Device (ATD) that reduces particulate emissions for the environment but not toxic gaseous matter in the firehouse (as measured by OSHA Permissible Exposure Limits PELs).


What is NO SMOKE 2?

NO SMOKE 2 is an exciting new product improvement and enhancement by Ward Diesel Filter Systems. The new high performance substrate with proprietary wash coat removes gaseous matter on 2007 model engines. 2007 model engines address emissions for the environment. NO SMOKE 2 provides the clean air you need in the firehouse, within the enclosed structure, for an important health and safety upgrade.

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Photos of Actual NO SMOKE 2 Installation
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